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West Emory is a warm and welcoming family committed to grow as disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to shine forth God’s love into the world in his name. We serve God through worship, study, fellowship, and outreach with joy and enthusiasm and welcome all persons into this community of faith, the Body of Christ.

An Invitation

Jesus once told a woman who had come to draw water from a well that the water she had come for would only satisfy her thirst for a little while, but that He had “living water” that could quench a person’s deepest thirst—and do so forever.

Things are constantly changing in American society—and they will continue to do so. But there is one constant, and that is the need we all have to find a reason to live—to sense that our lives are making a difference—to feel a genuine connection with other people. That need is deep down inside each one of us, and it is like a thirst that no amount of things and toys and distractions and busy-ness can quench.

This is no longer the 1st Century, and we don’t live in Palestine and go to a well on the edge of town to get our drinking water. But Jesus is still alive today, and he still makes the same offer to provide living water to anyone who is thirsty—to anyone who truly longs to see a fulfilling and meaningful life springing up in them.

If you would like to learn more and would be interested in receiving that living water, we invite you to contact us (any time) and come and meet with us.

We’re open Sundays.

The Little Church that can, did, and does.

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