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Our church is a warm and committed family who holds as our core values:

Love, Family, Friendliness, Meaningful Worship, a Sense of Belonging, and Our Tradition.

The pumpkins are coming!
The pumpkins are coming!

Saturday, October 8th ~ 9am

West Emory will be celebrating its 11th year of our beloved Pumpkin Patch! Our fully loaded semi-trailer truck will arrive from New Mexico with thousands of pumpkins if everything goes as planned. We will need all the volunteers we can muster. Lunch will be provided for the hungry workers. Bring lots of your friends and neighbors, strangers off the street, football teams, classmates, any and everybody!

Attn: High School and College Students in need of Community Service hours
If you are available to help out on the pumpkin unload day and/or the Festival day, you will be eligible to receive Community Services hours for your time. Please contact Linda Whitehead for details.

Pumpkin Festival
Saturday, October 15th
10 am to 2 pm
Jump House ~ Crafts ~ Hayrides ~ Face Painting ~ Pumpkin Decorating ~ Homemade Goodies, Crafts and Used Books for Sale

This will be an event you will not want to miss! The church is always abuzz with our neighbors and friends, so swing by and join in the all the fun!

“We are standing on holy ground...” Exodus 3:5

Each Sunday we begin our worship together as a family of faith singing these beautiful words from Exodus. I believe they are true. We stand on holy ground not only in worship and fellowship but also in study and the many outreach ministries that are so much a part of who we are as West Emory Church.

As your pastor it is my greatest joy to stand with you on this journey. It is also deeply gratifying and heart-warming to greet you each Sunday as we begin our week together in worship. So many of yo make this a rich and spiritual experience by the sharing of your gifts and your faithful participation not only in worship but in all aspects of the life of this congregation.

Your prayers, greeting cards, and phone calls to those who may be sick or experiencing sadness or grief; to those celebrating joyful occasions, birthdays and anniversaries, mean so much and are gratefully appreciated. Sunday after Sunday I hear glowing words from the visitors and guests we are blessed to have worshiping with us as to how much they feel welcomed and embraced by the congregation.

One just has to take a few moments and read our latest newsletter to get a sense of the depth and breadth of dedication and commitment to outreach ministry for which West Emory is known. It is not enough for the church of Jesus Christ to just care for the needs of its own members. We are called and sent out to care for the needs of our community, to care for the least of these our brothers and sister. And that we do.

It is my prayer and hope that everyone in our congregation—members, friends and guests—all find a place where the Spirit of God is alive and well in our lives and where each person—man, woman, youth and child—can discover, nurture and dedicate our gifts in service to God through the work our Lord and Savior has called us to do and the persons we are each uniquely called to be.

If you are already involved in some way in the life of the church, that is wonderful. If you feel that God may be leading you to explore new avenues of service in the mission and ministry of the church and in your personal and work life, I hope you will listen and respond to this call as we stand together on holy ground.

May God’s blessings be with you all,


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