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West Emory Presbyterian Church

Compiled and contributed by David Donahue

This graveyard is located at West Emory Presbyterian Church on Westland Drive at Emory Church Road. Perhaps 40% of the graves are unmarked or marked only with plain, uncarved cut marble slabs. This registry was recorded March 4, 1989. It was checked October 12, 1989 and updated January 20, 1997.

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Ault, Helen [see Lawhorn, Helen Ault]

Bailey, Dora Delaney, 1/19/1891-3/24/1923 [replacement; adjacent to marker for Thomas Creso Bailey

Bailey, Thomas Creso, 12/6/1892-2/16/1923 [replacement]

Ball, Ralph Max, 4/25/1893-8/10/1909 [marker actually reads "Ralph Maxball"]

Ball, S. M., 4/3/1850-3/20/1921, "Father"\Ball, Cynthia C. Hill, 2/12/1855-9/16/1908, "Wife of S. M. Ball"

Ballard, Eugenia, no dates (homemade)

Barger, Anna Mae [see Dunn, Anna Mae Barger]

Barger, Charles H., 12/25/1879-9/10/1939\Barger, Oma Joiner, 6/2/1886-5/5/1935, "Wed Dec. 25, 1910" [replacement]

Barger, George W., 1850-1926

Barger, J. J., 7/15/1849-12/1/1928

Barger, Leila [see Gambill, Leila Barger]

Barger, Martha E. Nipper, 7/4/1843-8/11/1913, "Married Geo. Barger" 1/7/1872

Barger, Oscar Richard, 6/28/1882-4/16/1957 [artificial flowers spelling "Dad"]\Barger, Mary Morley, 8/7/1898-7/30/1984 [artificial flowers spelling "Mom"]

Bowers, Ada [see Fortner, Ada Bowers]

Braley, Rosa Delaney, 11/23/1894-3/22/1955

Brewer, Della Holt, 11/4/1868-2/3/1941, "Mother" [of Teddie Drew Holt]

Byerley, Rosa Longbottom, 10/21/1867-7/13/1903, "Wife of Edd Byerley"

Cabe, Roy C., 6/15/1924-7/3/1956 (sunken)

Cagle, John Elmer, 5/31/1919-8/10/1924

Cagle, Viola, 1/15/1924-1/15/1925

Chrisman, Eva O., 8/23/1867-4/18/1927

Cook, Wilma Jane, 11/8/1945-2/4/1952

Craig, Lou, 12/4/1860-12/10/1931\Craig, James W., 9/26/1845-2/6/1926

Davidson, Cora Rae, 6/19/1875-7/11/1918

Davidson, John C., 4/27/1841-3/25/1913

Davidson, Nettie Lynn, 10/1/1880-5/2/1912

Davidson, Sarah J., 2/22/1851-7/4/1924 [adjacent to marker for John C. Davidson]

Davidson, Susan, 12/12/1812-9/6/1881

Delaney, Arthur, 1917-1976, military marker "S2 US Navy World War II"

Delaney, Arthur Delaney, Sr., 4/2/1917-11/3/1976 [artificial flowers spelling "Dad"]\Delaney, Johnnie M., 5/31/1922-____ [buried before 1997; artificial flowers spelling "Mom"]

Delaney, Dora [see Bailey, Dora Delaney]

Delaney, George, 8/12/1866-11/10/1947, "Our beloved brother"

Delaney, John Lee, 3/25/1879-5/11/1947

Delaney, Mary Lavonia, 5/3/1855-12/25/1926, "Mother"\Delaney, John William, 10/1/1840-9/11/1933, "Father"

Delaney, Mattie, 1887-1923\Jim, 1880-1970

Delaney, Luther E., 2/12/1885-8/3/1975\Delaney, Bertie M., 8/5/1904-____

Delaney, Rosa [see Braley, Rosa Delaney]

Duffey, Randy Ray, 5/2/1967-3/11/1969, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. S. S. Duffey"

Dunn, Anna Mae Barger, 4/13/1884-4/20/1923, "Wife of Andy Dunn"

Epps, Tammy K., 6/30/1968-3/30/1970

Ezell, Mindie [see Koon, Mindie Ezell]

Fortner, Ada Bowers, 8/1/1880-6/6/1971

Fox, Joseph Omer, 1879-1965\Fox, Aileen Ray, 1897-1992

Frew, David, 11/13/1926-9/14/1993\Frew, Louise, 6/19/1929-1/4/1992

Gambill, Allen Jackson, 1/27/1905-6/17/1985, "Daddy"

Gambill, Blanche Marine, 7/6/1906-8/19/1969, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Allen Jackson Gambill]

Gambill, Larry Richard, 1/20/1948-10/29/1957

Gambill, Zolly C., 1857-1944, "Father"\Gambill, Leila Barger, 1877-1945, "His Wife" "Mother

George, Annie E., 6/29/1864-1/24/1941

George, Elsie L., 12/7/1894-3/8/1985\George, Homer S., 2/1/1880-4/24/1958

George, John R., 5/5/1897-12/12/1960

Gilbertson, Robert Bruce, 11/28/1926-____, "M.D."\Gilbertson, Peggy Mayer, 10/31/1927-10/19/1988

Gordon, Lee Meade, 2/11/1910-3/4/1995\Onyx, 8/24/1904-3/6/1986 [a temporary marker reads "Mr. Onyx Gordon"]

Gunter, Jerry Wason, 11/7/1880-3/15/1946, "Father"

Gunter, William Herbert, 6/8/1912-7/12/1974, "Father"

Hammond, George H., 1/25/1923-11/23/1952

Hammond, George R., 1/1/1897-4/7/1950

Hammond, Mallie [see Long, Mallie Hammond]

Hancock, Herman, 3/5/1949-3/6/1976, military marker "Sp4 US Army Vietnam"

Hancock, Myrtle Malone, no dates, "Mrs." [temporary marker 1 yard south of marker for Jerry Wason Gunter]

Hancock, Stella Hunter, d. 1/19/1962, "Mrs." [temporary marker south of the double marker for Oscar Richard Barger and Mary Morley Barger; one of tree graves marked by temporary markers surrounded by a low, white garden fence; Stella Hunter Hancock may have been 45 years of age - there is a "45" on the marker below the death date]

Hart, James Lester, 1/30/1907-11/25/1911 [replacement]

Hearon, Sarah, 1870-1930\HearonPink, 1868-1943

Hill, Cynthia C. [see Ball, Cynthia C. Hill]

Hill, Mary [see Rader, Mary Hill]

Hill, Susan L., 1/6/1818-2/12/1905 (fallen)

Hodge, Mary Frances, 5/23/1928-10/11/1952

Holt, Andrew B., 10/19/1861-9/15/1913, "Father"

Holt, Della [see Brewer, Della Holt]

Holt, Teddie Drew, 9/22/1898-12/21/1935, "Brother"

Hulen, Susanah [see Koon, Susanah Hulen]

Hunter, Stella [see Hancock, Stella Hunter]

Hutson, Birdie, 12/24/1882-7/29/1947\Hutson, John, 11/22/1852-2/15/1934

Jenkins, Howard J., 10/4/1920-____\Jenkins, Margaret, 10/8/1918-____

Johnson, Charter N. "Buster," 6/1/1948-3/2/1993, "Dad" footstone\Johnson, Sara J., 1/3/1947-____, "Mom" footstone

Joiner, Oma [see Barger, Oma Joiner]

Kedzie, Waneta, 12/29/1921-1/3/1923

Kelley, W. H., 12/30/1838-3/15/1932\Kelley, Sarah E., 12/24/1836-2/25/1923, "His Wife"

Kirby, Julia A., 2/2/1904-____\Kirby, Henry J., 3/11/1904-4/5/1986

Kirby, Roy Lynn, 1/3/1938-1/17/1952

Knight, Kathleen, dates unreadable, "Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. S. D. Knight" [engulfed by tree root]

Koon, Albert, 6/16/1910-7/8/1910, "Son of B. W. & M. A. Koon"

Koon, Annie L., 1863-1907, "Wife of C. A. Koon"

Koon, Ella R., 1881-____ [ground disturbance suggests she is buried here]\Koon, John H., 1870-1929

Koon, Goldie Berniece, 9/18/1927-10/30/1934

Koon, Harry B., 9/7/1897-11/13/1970

Koon, Henry A., 4/18/1846-2/1/1901\Koon, Sarah A., 11/21/1842-10/12/1903

Koon, J. Frank, 6/5/1900-7/18/1920

Koon, J. H., Sr., 1861-1908\Koon, Mary E. Longbottom, 1858-1931, "His Wife"

Koon, Janie, 12/8/1881-8/19/1905 (fallen)

Koon, Jennie, 9/10/1880-9/28/1966

Koon, Lou Emma, 7/27/1902-12/1/1926

Koon, Margrette Ann, 6/27/1854-11/6/1938 [adjacent to marker for William D. Koon]

Koon, Mary Ann, 8/28/1843-4/12/1910

Koon, Michael, 1807-11/12/1907 [replacement]

Koon, Mindie Ezell, 1/3/1885-3/18/1929\Koon, Adolph Grant, 12/4/1882-10/19/1958

Koon, Samuel A., 10/2/1887-6/4/1970

Koon, Susanah Hulen, 1815-2/12/1891 [replacement; adjacent to marker for Michael Koon]

Koon, Troy B., 5/17/1929-12/23/1931

Koon, William D., 1/1/1849-12/25/1924

Larue, Alice A., 3/1/1854-12/31/1921 [she probably was a Koon]

Lawhorn, Alma Ellen, 3/19/1944-6/9/1944

Lawhorn, Bertha Mae, 10/29/1932-5/19/1949

Lawhorn, Carl H., 2/6/1920-____\Lawhorn, Helen Taylor, 12/17/1924-1/6/1975

Lawhorn, Ed W., no dates (homemade) [carved on third of four temporary markers; 4 yards north of marker for J. H. Lawhorn]

Lawhorn, Elbert, 6/15/1891-5/4/1953

Lawhorn, Ella H., 7/22/1931-12/15/1984, "A loving mother"

Lawhorn, Helen Ault, 8/9/1894-1/12/1966 [adjacent to marker for William Franklin Lawhorn]

Lawhorn, Helen H., 1977-1977 [temporary marker just behind marker for Alma Ellen Lawhorn]

Lawhorn, J. H., 1858-1940, "Grand Dad" "Honor of Sally Ann Lakey"

Lawhorn, Pamela Mae, 12/6/1961-12/10/1961

Lawhorn, Wesley H., 5/30/1899-7/20/1964\Lawhorn, Ella C., 7/28/1895-1/14/1992

Lawhorn, William Franklin, 8/14/1887-4/9/1966

Lee, Ida B., 1871-1938\Lee, C. A., 1868-1902 [replacement]

Lee, Jas. R., 5/21/1865-10/19/1916

Lee, Joseph F., 3/21/1883-8/6/1955

Lee, Nancy J., 2/14/1832-9/25/1916 [adjacent to marker for Samuel F. Lee]

Lee, Samuel F., 8/7/1830-10/15/1911

Lee, Sarah E., 3/29/1881-11/14/1949

Long, Mallie Hammond, 10/23/1898-____ [adjacent to marker for George R. Hammond - his wife???]

Longbottom, Belle, 10/30/1856-4/14/1891

Longbottom, Benjamin F., 6/17/1830-10/7/1879

Longbottom, Elizabeth, 10/30/1826-6/4/1894

Longbottom, J. Mack, 10/3/1852-8/3/1883

Longbottom, Mary E. [see Koon, Mary E. Longbottom]

Longbottom, Rosa [see Byerley, Rose Longbottom]

Lyons, Katie Newcomb, 7/1/1896-7/5/1935, "Wife of R. T. Lyons"\Lyons, Infant, 7/5/1935, Infant son of Katie Newcomb Lyons and R. T. Lyons" [also on this marker is Elizabeth Newcomb]

Malone, Myrtle [see Hancock, Myrtle Malone]

Maples, Clara M., 5/1/1909-9/28/1982, "Mother" [twin sister of Clarence A. Moore???]

Marley, B. Louise, 5/20/1908-9/20/1936 [probably daughter of Frank Marley]

Marley, C. B., 11/26/1864-2/19/1908

Marley, Charles, Jr., 1928-1934

Marley, Charles E., 9/2/1951-9/2/1981, "Beloved son and brother"

Marley, Dorothy, 1926-1935

Marley, Frank, 4/27/1858-11/27/1936

Marley, Jim M., 3/8/1913-4/1/1995, "Dad" footstone\Marley, A. Jean, 8/1/1920-10/2/1989, "Mom" footstone [buried early October 1989]

Marley, John S., 1/21/1903-6/3/1923

Marley, L. K., 5/1/1870-3/8/1937\Marley, Alice, 7/22/1879-2/27/1959

Marley, Lottie Lou, 11/18/1900-3/29/1902, "Dau. of L. K. & Alice Marley"

Marley, Lloyd Erwin, 12/29/1919-1/3/1968, military marker "Tennessee SP3 USCG World War II"

Marley, Margaret R., 8/5/1927-9/18/1969

Marley, Mary Jane, 1830-1920 [replacement]

Marley, Meadie E., 4/23/1906-2/9/1971, "Mother" footstone\Marley, Charles R., 1/21/1905-5/5/1971, "Father" footstone

Marley, Rowena [see Reed, Rowena M.]

Marley, Ruth [see Templin, Ruth M.

Marley, Stacy Touton, 12/25/1874-10/15/1951 [adjacent to marker for Frank Marley]

Marley, Thomas, 6/23/1866-10/8/1903

Maxball, Ralph, 4/25/1893-8/10/1909 [possibly miscarved Ralph Max Ball]

Mayer, Peggy [see Gilbertson, Peggy Mayer]

McDaniel, Lessa Tressia, born & died 6/15/1952

Mentzer, J. Earl, 1871-1924 [replacement]

Mentzer, Mary K., 1877-1935 [replacement; adjacent to marker for J. Earl Mentzer]

Milsap, Dorothy Jane, 8/5/1927-9/30/1932

Moore, A. O., 1874-1947

Mentzer, Charles Lawson, 6/3/1914-8/5/1953 [Masonic symbol]

Mentzer, Clarence A., 5/1/1909-10/1/1987, military marker "PFC US Army World War II" [temporary marker reads "Clarence Andrew Moore"]

Mentzer, Fannie Belle, 8/2/1879-1/31/1969

Newcomb, Elizabeth, 6/30/1862-1/13/1933, "Mother of Katie Newcomb Lyons" [shares triple marker with Katie Newcomb Lyons and Infant Lyons]

Newcomb, Katie [see Lyons, Katie Newcomb]

Nipper, Della Mae, 5/9/1898-5/16/1967

Nipper, Frank K., 1863-1925\Nipper, Iowa, 1867-1955

Nipper, Martha E., 7/4/1843-8/11/1913, "Married Geo. Barger" 1/7/1872

Nipper, Mary A., 2/3/1824-12/12/1907, "Our Mother" [fallen and broken]

Nipper, Rena Nipper [see Wheeler, Rena Nipper]

Owens, Arthur, 1919-1925

Owens, Bonnie Mae, 7/18/1906-6/24/1876, "Mother"

Owens, Caldona, 1882-1925

Owens, Earl, 6/18/1932-7/12/1973

Owens, Gladys, 5/29/1915-____, "Mammaw"\Owens, Bill, 4/2/1916-10/13/1978, "Poppie," military marker as footstone "William H, Owens" "US Army"

Owens, Susie A., 1890-1961, "Mother" footstone\Owens, Ernest E., 1895-1968, "Father" footstone

Peterson, Effie Lorraine [see Scates, Effie Lorraine Peterson]

Pitts, Dorothy A., 12/24/1939-1/29/1940

Price, Callie Smith, 11/5/1849-11/1/1928, "Wife of Henry Price"

Price, George W., d. 9/18/1890, "Age 86 Years" "Father and Mother"\Price, Mary W., d. 8/4/1887, "Age 92 Years" [this marker is within the fenced playground]

Price, Henry H., 1/15/1840-11/19/1919

Proffitt, J. W., 12/6/1874-7/25/1933

Proffitt, Ray, 10/31/1912-8/28/1926, "Son of J. W. & Rhoda Proffitt"

Proffitt, Rhodia, 12/22/1885-7/7/1969

Rader, Cornelia L., 12/15/1875-1/15/1929, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Isaac Joe Rader]

Rader, Elsie Ann, 7/18/1905-1/3/1937, "Mother"

Rader, Isaac Joe, 1/15/1873-4/14/1945, "Father"

Rader, Joe W., 3/15/1910-10/16/1992, "Cremation" [inserted between the markers for Isaac Joe Rader and Cornelia L. Rader]

Rader, Mary Hill, 1850-1934, "Wife of Ike Rader" "Mother"

Rader, Pearl, 9/18/1984 [footstone reads "7-04-06"]

Ray, James H., 4/1875-11/1967

Reed, S. Boyce, 9/23/1904-____ [a temporary marker gives dates 1904-1986]\Reed, Rowena M., 8/29/1902-3/5/1985 [a temporary marker reads "Rowena Marley Reed"]

Russell, John B., 10/19/1894-7/2/1954

Sammons, J. C., 6/22/1898-7/23/1962, "Father"

Scates, Alex J., 12/13/1850-8/17/1922\Scates, Angie C. Yarnell, 1/21/1855-____, "His Wife"

Scates, Annie, 2/16/1879-8/2/1899

Scates, James Robert, born & died 4/10/1941

Scates, Loyed Brockwell, 5/12/1932-10/16/1935

Scates, Mildred Ruth, 3/25/1936-7/4/1939

Scates, R. L. C., 3/17/1906-8/23/1923 (homemade)

Scates, Rose Anna, 7/28/1878-4/7/1947

Scates, William, 10/8/1902-5/13/1982\Scates, Lavada, 2/21/1906-12/31/1983

Scates, William T., 12/20/1895-5/14/1928\Scates, Effie Lorraine Peterson, 4/29/1904-9/29/1987, "Wife of William T. Scates"

Schroeder, Victor L., 12/2/1908-12/17/1993, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II" (sunken)

Smith, Callie [see Price, Callie Smith]

Smith, Calvin, 10/19/1853-11/23/1929, "Father"\Smith, Nancy J., 7/28/1866-1/21/1935, "Mother"

Smith, Donna Fay, 7/18/1966-11/13/1966 [temporary marker "Donna Faye Smith, d. 11/14/1966"]

Smith, Fred Warren, 6/3/1921-8/13/1964, military marker "Tennessee PFC Army Air Forces World War II"

Smith, James L., 2/28/1880-2/14/1946

Smith, Jessie Stalcup, 5/20/1894-7/6/1927, "Wife of W. S. Smith"

Smith, Park M., 7/16/1914-10/16/1973\Smith, Othella M., 2/8/1911-10/15/1994

Smith, Virginia K., 7/17/1908-10/30/1949

Smith, Von O., 9/27/1912-____\Smith, Christina M., 7/2/1917-8/20/1972

Smith, William S., 4/30/1887-2/14/1974, "Father"

Snyder, David L., 11/18/1924-2/8/1982

Stalcup, Jessie [see Smith, Jessie Stalcup]

Tallent, Cora Maud, 1/15/1894-10/14/1919 [adjacent to marker for William Ralph Tallent]

Tallent, William Ralph, 3/27/1895-1/9/1920

Taylor, Helen [see Lawhorn, Helen Taylor]

Templin, George M., 10/4/1902-3/15/1987\Templin, Ruth M., 8/24/1904-7/28/1996; also temporary marker, Kyker Funeral Home, "Ruth Marley Templin"

Templin, John W., 1926-1937 [replacement]

Tipton, Fred W., 9/2/1941-9/11/1941

Touton, Stacy [see Marley, Stacy Touton]

Webb, Margaret M., 3/31/1904-10/15/1996\Webb, Tracy A., 3/26/1900-9/9/1980

Wheeler, Edward, 9/21/1889-8/4/1964

Wheeler, Newt A., 5/20/1867-4/11/1938

Wheeler, Rena Nipper, 10/5/1868-2/28/1934 [adjacent to marker for Newt A. Wheeler]

Williams, W. E., 1878-1945

Wright, David Edward, 1/30/1949-1/31/1945, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Wright"

Wright, James R., 8/1/1945-12/14/1965, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Wright"

Yarnell, Angie C. [see Scates, Angic C. Yarnell]

Young, A. J., 1/4/1865-7/15/1953, "Father"

Young, Conrad L., 8/5/1894-3/17/1952

Young, Minnie B., 11/8/1875-8/31/1955, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for A. J. Young]



J. R. S. [footstone, a Smith?]
R. M. B. [footstone; possibly a placeholder]
S. J. H. [footstone; possibly a placeholder]

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