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Under the Bridge Ministry

Every Monday evening, we reach out with “compassion gifts” to those who live under the bridge downtown. Items that everyone needs, but that we often take for granted, are eagerly and gratefully received by these folks. Things like hotel toiletries, toothbrushes and toothpaste, suntan lotion, empty (and washed) milk and water jugs, toenail clippers are all needed. Thanks for your generosity with this important ministry.

Pumpkin Patch

Child at the Pumpkin Patch Our primary fundraiser each year is our Pumpkin Patch. This endeavor benefits the New Mexican reservation that grows the pumpkins, local charities to which we give the proceeds, as well as our congregation as we work together unloading the truck, assisting families in choosing the perfect pumpkin, and presenting our fall festival. We usually have a wide selection of pumpkins from tiny to humongous as well as gourds and Indian corn.

Unloading the Pumpkin TruckWe eagerly anticipate unloading day in early October when we distribute more than 2,000 pumpkins over our front yard. Everyone lends a hand, young and old, in multiple lines leading from the truck. We enjoy fellowship while passing pumpkins bucket-brigade style. It is a long day and everyone is sore by the end, but we are so excited to have the pumpkins that we are still smiling.

During October, we hold our Fall Festival on a Saturday after the pumpkins arrive. We have arts and crafts, games, hay rides, and homemade treats. We donate all the proceeds from the Pumpkin Patch to the multiple local charities listed below.

2017 Pumpkin Report

Total Pumpkin Sales: $ 26,227.03
Amount we keep @35%: $ 9,179.46
Total Additional Donations: $672.50
Total Proceeds that will be donated to organizations and agencies — $9,851.96

Knox Area Rescue Ministries

West Emory believes in helping our neighbors that are experiencing hardships and struggles. The Knox Area Rescue Ministries (KARM) provides food and shelter for families in crisis. They serve over 1,200 meals each day, provide shelter for over 400 people every night, offer recovery services, and job training.

Baskets of Hope provides families in need with a complete Thanksgiving Dinner for up to six people. This year Knox Area Rescue Ministries (KARM) expects as many as 900 families to seek assistance in providing Thanksgiving dinner for their family.

Through the generosity of donations of food and/or money as well as from some of the proceeds of the 2017 Pumpkin Patch, we filled 75 boxes with the ingredients to make a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Recipients of the Baskets of Hope will receive a box with a fresh turkey and all the fixin's.

Smokey's Pantry

Thank you to all who continue to contribute items to Smokey’s Food Pantry located at Tyson House, a campus ministry at UT. The Pantry serves between 100 and 150 clients per week. WEPC is providing the following items: Peanut butter, jelly, Ramon Noodles, and personal hygiene items including but not lim-ited to soap and shampoo. A donation box is in the foyer by the front door of the church.

Kids Hope USA

We participate in Kids Hope USA, a school based mentoring program, with A. L. Lotts Elementary school.

Scouts BSA

We host Cub Scout Pack 865 and Boy Scout Troop 865. Visit Be A Scout for more information.

Living Waters for the World - Appalachia Network

As part of the Synod of Living Waters, we wanted to support its efforts to bring safe drinking water to those without. The Synod launched the Living Waters for the World to bring fresh water to communities in Central and South America as well as Africa.

There are families here in Appalachia, however, without fresh water today. To serve these families as well, Living Waters added the Appalachia Network. Churches across the south including West Emory donate the funds to install purification systems and train the families to maintain the systems. Members of West Emory have received training from LWW and have installed systems for many deserving families in our area.

Family Promise

West Emory supports another local family support effort, Family Promise. Family Promise is an inter-faith community that provides temporary housing in local churches for families with children. While the families are staying in the churches, these and other churches provide meals and support services.

Prayer Shawls

A project of our Women of West Emory (WoW), the women hand-knit shawls for people needing comfort and warmth as they struggle with adversity.

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